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    Story of Grace: Bob Clyburn

    I am convinced that I am still with you today because of a miracle that God performed on me. As most of the members of All Saints know, I just spent three weeks in Methodist Hospital due to many problems with my heart. The most serious problem was a big blood clot they found hanging on the wall of the heart chamber the doctors needed to work on. They were hesitant to perform the procedure with a clot in the same chamber because of possible stroke, death, or vegetative state if the clot was disturbed. The medicines they were giving me to slow down my heart rate were not working.…

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    Story of Grace: Amanda Jemison

    God showed me his love and grace by helping me find this job working for All Saints – but it does not stop there. I got the job for All Saints after submitting a prayer request in 2011, for me while I began looking for a job. I was really scared and without direction. I was not even sure how or where I wanted to start. The following Monday, David Stenberg called and explained the jobs All Saints was looking to fill. They had two part time positions – one supporting the Mercy Ministry and the other supporting the church office operations. He also mentioned they would be interested in…

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    The Story of All Saints Church by Jennifer Barr

    It all began with the humble vision that the community of Midtown would be transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, that there could be a church that would cross over the racial and social barriers that exist in our culture. Today that vision has become a reality at All Saints Presbyterian Church. The people of Midtown, a very ethnically and socio-economically diverse community, have become present and active in the church. In this racially charged city where churches are seemingly so segregated, we find something different happening at All Saints. That “something different” can only be described as the Holy Spirit at work in the heart of Memphis. All…

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    Receiving the Bartlett L Hess Award

    At the 29th General Assembly of the EPC in Brighton, Michigan (June 25-27, 2009), All Saints was honored by receiving the Bartlett L. Hess Award. The Bartlett L. Hess Award is given annually to the church that has demonstrated the most innovative approach to church growth or revitalization. Church growth, in both its spiritual and numerical aspects, is an essential part of the mission of the church. This Award provides a vehicle by which positive, reproducible innovation is encouraged and shared with others in the EPC. The namesake of this award, Dr. Hess, was a great leader in the church. He was a visionary. He pastored with skill and care:…