Story of Grace: Bob Clyburn

I am convinced that I am still with you today because of a miracle that God performed on me. As most of the members of All Saints know, I just spent three weeks in Methodist Hospital due to many problems with my heart. The most serious problem was a big blood clot they found hanging on the wall of the heart chamber the doctors needed to work on. They were hesitant to perform the procedure with a clot in the same chamber because of possible stroke, death, or vegetative state if the clot was disturbed.

The medicines they were giving me to slow down my heart rate were not working. My heart was going to quit on me before the medicines would be able to dissolve the blood clot (about 2 more weeks). The only option I had left was to sign a release to allow the doctor to perform the procedure while trying to avoid dislodging the blood clot. There was only about a 30% chance of success! Not very good odds. continued below…

The untold number of prayers that were lifted up to God by the members of All Saints, other groups and churches that I work with was very humbling to me. The next morning, February 22nd, the surgical team sent a small sonogram style camera into my chest to take an internal image of my heart before the main procedure started. The blood clot was gone!

The doctor was able to perform the procedure and get my heart back in a natural rhythm that shut down all the other bad things that were happening (rapid heart rate, congestive heart failure, etc).

God took that blood clot out of my heart and gave me a chance to finish my work here. About this I am sure. He gave me that miracle because he heard my name lifted up by so many people in prayer from places like All Saints. Thank you and may God continue to bless this church. – Bob Clyburn

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