Story of Grace: Amanda Jemison

God showed me his love and grace by helping me find this job working for All Saints – but it does not stop there.

I got the job for All Saints after submitting a prayer request in 2011, for me while I began looking for a job. I was really scared and without direction. I was not even sure how or where I wanted to start. The following Monday, David Stenberg called and explained the jobs All Saints was looking to fill. They had two part time positions – one supporting the Mercy Ministry and the other supporting the church office operations. He also mentioned they would be interested in combining them if the right person came along. After talking, praying, and interviewing I was sold and excited to have the opportunity to work for a church I cared greatly about. I was not pursuing this job or considering working for a church but here I am because God took care of me. And, I think my job has given me more than I have given to All Saints. When I started working at All Saints I was severely depressed and anxious. Frank and I were going through new things: marriage, jobs, graduating. It was all new and each full of different challenges. As we bumbled along together and our lives calmed down, it became apparent my emotions were not settling down. Working at All Saints provided me the time and the flexibility to get help, and an accepting environment for me to be a mess.

Bit-by-bit I have been able to stabilize my emotions and anxieties, which I don’t know if I could have done working anywhere else. Waring, David, and All Saints have both pushed me and challenged me and have also accepted my quirks and deficiencies. God really knew what I needed and, through working at All Saints, has taken care of me.

It is a testimony to His love and into His insight. He directed me to a place where I could not only recover; I could flourish! All Saints has become a place where I can be myself. I am living out a life I did not even think possible and for which I am deeply grateful. – Amanda Jemison